Chloride Transport in Biological Membranes by Jose Zadunaisky PDF

By Jose Zadunaisky

ISBN-10: 0124313531

ISBN-13: 9780124313538

ISBN-10: 0127752803

ISBN-13: 9780127752808

Chloride shipping in organic Membranes is a suite of papers that current advances and the country of data within the delivery of chloride and different anions throughout organic membranes.
The ebook comprises papers that debate themes corresponding to the anion delivery protein; useful websites of the crimson phone anion trade protein; and anion and proton delivery via lipid bilayers. additionally coated within the booklet are chloride delivery in sure components similar to the renal tubule, the gastric mucosa, and the cornea; the position of sodium in anion delivery; chloride reabsorption; and the hormonal keep an eye on of chloride secretion.
The textual content is usually recommended for biologists, biochemists, and practitioners in health and wellbeing technology, specially those that want to understand extra concerning the methods considering chloride transport.

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